Upgrade your wait

Need to visit a government office? Let us wait in line for you!

✔︎ DMV Line Waiting

✔︎ Post Office Line Waiting

✔︎ Social Security Office Line Waiting

✔︎ City Hall Line Waiting

✔︎ Other Line Waiting

Save hours of your life / Now available in California / Starting at $49 $29 / hr

YoGov Line Concierge

Visiting government offices with long lines, confusing processes, and screaming babies can be stressful. That's where we come in. We'll wait for you and call you in when you're needed. We'll help answer questions and put you at ease, so you can work, make calls, or just relax.

Why YoGov Line Concierge?

We pick you up

Wherever you are, our driver will pick you up

We wait for you

We navigate the office and do all the waiting for you

You just relax

We'll text you when you're needed in person