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Breeze through airport security

Keep your bags packed, clothes and shoes on, and save time with TSA PreCheck enrollment 

Still suffering through airport security lines, pulling off shoes and belts and fishing out liquids and laptops? Let us help you end that once and for all. We promise it's *so* worth it.

(But don't tell too many people, because we still want our TSA PreCheck lines short and speedy)

"My colleague and I recently flew out of SFO during rush hour. I was through the TSA line in 3 minutes. He met me 45 minutes later after struggling through the regular person line. So so worth it!" -Samantha L., San Francisco, CA


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Here's how it works:

  1. Pre-Enroll with YoGov in Seconds: We'll save you filling out cumbersome government forms and get you an in-person appointment. This takes about a minute and we charge a nominal service fee.
  2. Visit TSA Enrollment Center In-Person to Finalize Application. Unfortunately, you are still required to appear in person to verify your identity and pay the one-time 5-year fee ($85, so just $17/year).

     Pre-enrollment in 1 minute

     Friendly customer support

     Pre-enrollment email confirmation

     Enrollment appointment reminders

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★★★★★ Adam F, Los Angeles: "The most difficult thing about TSA PreCheck is remembering to enroll. Stop waiting! Enroll today. You won't regret it, I promise you! 

★★★★★ Julie R, Philadelphia: "So thankful I used YoGov to help me with TSA PreCheck. I got my appointment within 3 days and my known traveller number within 2 weeks, in time for my summer travel. I've used it 3 times since at airports and it's AMAZING!"

★★★★★ Siddarth K., Mountain View: "Love TSA PreCheck and YoGov made it easy to do! It feels great when traveling for work, and I travel about once a month for work."

★★★★★ Erica S., Oakland: "It's so convenient to have my Known Traveller Number now. Every flight I book it's automatically applied and on my boarding pass it says TSA PreCheck. Thanks YoGov for helping me with the process!"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the YoGov TSA PreCheck PreEnrollment Service?

We pre-enroll you in TSA PreCheck! That means we apply on your behalf and with your authorization for the TSA PreCheck program. We then find an in-person appointment time for you to complete your appointment and pay the government-mandated enrollment fee.

How long does it take to get my TSA PreCheck?

It can take as little as a couple weeks. As soon as you pre-enroll with us, we'll apply on your behalf. You'll then get an email from us, usually within a day, with an appointment date, time, and location. This appointment may be within a couple days. Once that's complete, it might take a week or so to get your Known Traveller Number and Approval letter in the mail.

How does the in-person Enrollment work?

You'll need to show up in person and verify your information and identity as well as pay the TSA PreCheck enrollment fee. TSA PreCheck lasts for 5 years. This in-person enrollment is usually done in a matter of minutes.

How long is my TSA PreCheck enrollment good for and how much does it cost?

Your TSA PreCheck is good for 5 years. Then you'll have to renew and pay again. It costs $85. Plus, YoGov charged a $14.95 service fee for our expediting and application.

Who is eligible for TSA PreCheck?

Currently US citizens, US permanent residents, and US nationals are eligible to apply and enroll.

What happens if I'm not eligible or I'm not approved? Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds once we've submitted your application and booked you an appointment. Please ensure your information is accurate before you apply and that you're eligible for TSA PreCheck.

I have other questions!

Drop us a message by emailing us at hello@yogov.org!

Disclaimer: YoGovernment Inc (dba YoGov) is privately owned and is NOT owned or operated by any government agencies.