About "The 52 Places to Go in 2020" Quiz

The famous "The 52 Places to Go" guides are published annually by the New York Times and is always one of the most popular articles of the year.  For this year's "The 52 Places to Go in 2020" guide, research started in September of last year. It's as interesting to understand "why now" when scrolling through these 52 photos that inspire and amaze.

Here is an excerpt on how the NYTimes staff picks the 52 places.

"How did we choose them? After that initial poll, we asked our regular contributors, as well as The Times’s foreign and domestic correspondents, to suggest places that seemed newly fresh and compelling. We pestered in-the-know travelers for their 2020 musts. We grilled travel pros about what had them excited. To make the cut, it is not enough for a place to be beautiful, amazing and culturally significant. It also has to answer the question, why now? Why this place, this year?"

We hope you enjoy this just-for-fun quiz as just a little added fun to fuel your curiosity and adventurous mind! All of us at YoGov want to help everyone achieve their dreams, whether that's getting a driver's license to road trip to Austin, Texas (on the list!) or Washington, DC (on the list!) or getting a passport to fly to Tokyo for the Summer Olympics (on the list) or explore beautiful towns in Italy and Spain (several of these on the list!)

Tell us what inspires you from this 52 Places To Go To In 2020 list! Leave a comment, then share with a friend to see how they stack up! And by golly, if you need a license, passport, or visa, we would love to help you!