Want a free street cleaning reminder?

If you’re looking for a street cleaning reminder so you don’t get any more expensive tickets, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll send you a calendar reminder for your weekly or monthly street cleaning! Just enter your home or work address below and we’ll send you a confirmation via email.

How do reminders work? 

Once we have you address, we’ll triple-check your local street cleaning rules by times of day. Then we’ll send you a calendar invite with the street cleaning restrictions times so you know exactly when to move your car.

What cities does this work for? 

We primarily support all major cities in California but are also expanding to other cities rapidly. We encourage you add your address. Our team is super friendly and we’ll go out of our way to look up your street cleaning schedules, if any, in your area. Go ahead and try us!

Can I help spread the word? 

Uh, yes please. Our mission is to help everyone save time and money when it comes to government services. If you think someone can benefit from that, feel free to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and share our pages.

If you’re a hustler and believe in our mission, we also have referral programs that pay a lot. Get in touch with us if interested.

Do you have anything else I might be interested in? 

Yes. We can book DMV appointments for you, help you with your road test, enroll your in TSA PreCheck, enroll you in Global Entry, help you get a passport, help you pay a parking ticket, and more.