Our Mission

YoGov’s mission is to make your experience with government services straightforward, easy and delightful.


Express DMV Appointments

Don't wait months just for an appointment. We'll find you a DMV appointment within 3 weeks, or your money back!
*4 weeks in high demand areas

DMV Line Waiting Concierge

Need a DMV appointment, like pronto? Our concierges will wait in line for you till it's your turn!
*complimentary for seniors, handicapped

TSA Pre-Check Enrollment

For the frequent travelers out there: we'll help you set up an appointment at the TSA Pre-Check enrollment center closest to you. No more long security lines when flying!

Car and Driver for your Road Test

We provide you with a registered and insured car, and a licensed driver concierge who will pick you up, drop you off, warm up with you and give you tips to pass your test.

Registration Renewal Reminders

We'll remind you when it's time to renew your registration, and help you with questions you may have on the paperwork and process. No more late fees!

Real ID Advisory

You'll need the enhanced-security REAL ID to fly by 2020 in most states. We'll advise you on the paperwork and process, depending on your residential status and more!

Thousands of services in hundreds of cities

Did you just move to a new city or just want to find out more about where you live? Check our our city pages. We've curated services just for you and we're adding more cities every week.

Have a service in mind? Tell us.

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