Student in the Bay Area in need of a driver’s license?

We have a new program focused on helping students get their driver’s license, quickly and affordable. We’ll take you to and from your driver’s test, teach you tips on how to pass before the test, practice driving, and be with you for the entire test process. If you don’t have your permit or driving test scheduled yet, we also help with that too.

Where We Help

DMV Behind the Wheel Test Concierge Bay Area Locations

Why We Help

In California, you need to show up to your driving test with a licensed driver 18 and over and a vehicle with proof of insurance and registration. This presents a challenge for most people. You don’t want to pay over $300 for a driving school and you don’t want to inconvenience your friends for a few hours. For students, we currently only charge $99 $149

How We Help

One of our pro drivers will pick you up in a small to midsize automatic car. They’ll go over the car and details of the driving exam, then coach you on the road for approximately one hour. Our driver will check in with you at the DMV, wait with you, and get you prepared for your 20 minute road test. Then we’ll drop you back off where you need to go.


Limited Student Offer

Our intro $99 $149 offer is only for students in the Bay Area at the moment. Due to very high demand, we only have a limited number of spots per week and cannot guarantee each appointment. After you book, we will confirm within 2-3 hours whether we have a spot available for you. All requests are first-come, first-served so we recommend booking as soon as possible or giving us a call if you have questions at 415-275-2563 ?

The recap of what this includes:

  • Driver, Car, Practice, Test Tips, Forms, Pickup, Drop-off, Check-in, Expedited Service, Conversation


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