Here are some of the full survey results we used for our post "Report: The California DMV Customer Experience Has Been Improving". This is the first report in our "State of the DMV" report series, meant to highlight where DMV's are making improvements and most importantly, what their customers are saying.

How was this data collected?

The California DMV has comment cards and some other ways of soliciting feedback from it's customers, but the response rate is low. Since we help thousands of people every week access California DMV services we thought this would be a great opportunity to ask them more questions about their DMV experience after the fact. The response rate has been very high!

What were the questions asked?

Question #1: How likely would you be to recommend YoGov to a family member or friend, 1 through 10? A basic Net Promoter Score. Of the over 1000 responses, we had a +79 NPS. This has been consistent with our monthly NPS, a barometer of how we're doing and where we can improve

Question #2: How would you rate your experience with the DMV, 1 through 5? We make it clear that we want the the customer to try their best to separate their pre-DMV visit experience with their DMV employee and office interactions. This rating over the last 3 months was 4.2 out of 5 stars, as mentioned in the report, this was higher than we expected.

Question #3: How satisfied were you with the DMV you visited, from extremely satisfied to extremely unsatisfied?

Question #4: How satisfied were you with the DMV wait, from extremely satisfied to extremely unsatisfied?

Question #5: How satisfied were you with the DMV staff, from extremely satisfied to extremely unsatisfied?

Question #6: How satisfied were you with the DMV building, from extremely satisfied to extremely unsatisfied?

Question #7: How satisfied were you with YoGov, from extremely satisfied to extremely unsatisfied?

Question #8: What about YoGov did you like?

Question #9: Any other comments about DMV staff?

For this inaugural report, we are only sharing data from the top 9 DMV's by volume. As we build statistical significance at more DMV's we will share those, but we don't want to mislead when the volume of respondents is not high enough for us.


DMV Name Rating % At Least Satisfied w Visit % At Least Satisfied w Staff % At Least Satisfied w Building % At Least Satisfied w Wait Times % At Least Satisfied w YoGov
Walnut Creek 4.9 100% 98% 100% 96% 100%
Santa Teresa 4.6 100% 100% 95% 80% 100%
San Jose 4.5 96% 92% 72% 90% 100%
San Diego 4.4 90% 95% 80% 92% 100%
San Francisco 4.4 88% 95% 94% 74% 98%
Oakland Claremont 4.4 90% 88% 96% 85% 96%
Redwood City 4.3 96% 91% 80% 93% 100%
Fremont 4.2 98% 94% 85% 95% 98%
Daly City 4.2 90% 92% 88% 94% 100%


A few notes on the above results: 

  • The percentages include those that are "extremely satisfied", "very satisfied", and "satisfied". It doesn't not include "neutral", "very unsatisfied", or "extremely unsatisfied"
  • In the case of reviewing the building we recognize that many people may not have had a strong reaction either way and chose "neutral"
  • We lumped the reviews this way in our initial study so we could "set the bar" relatively low while also indicating room for improvement. It's our believe progress has been made but there's plenty more improvement.
  • In the upcoming reports, we'll included more detailed analysis of the ratings by DMV


Select customer comments by above DMVs: 

DMV Name Comments
Walnut Creek "They were unexpectedly amazing, very helpful and kind. Surprised myself and my brother."

"I had a drive test with Anavictoria, she was great, kind, full of energy, I never forget her"

Santa Teresa "Although extremely busy, all staff were extremely friendly, positive and helpful in my test/transactions. "


San Jose "The REAL ID paperwork is pretty stringent. They can't take a copy of a W-2 in exchange for a Social Security Card."

"Nice staff. Horrible building"

San Diego "Epic"

"Only one of the 4 people I interacted with had very poor customer service abilities. The others were great. "

San Francisco "Friendliness of the DMV employees differs greatly from person to person. Some a very helpful while others are plain rude and not interested. Hard to rate them collectively."

"I wish the examiners were a little bit more friendly. A candidate is normally nervous and could help some human contact and empathy. Nothing extreme, but some basic kindness and understanding."

Oakland Claremont "I was verbally abused by the person in front. She repeatedly cut me off while I tried to explain myself and at one point said “Where’s your visa? How did you get into this country?” I felt I was mistreated because I’m an immigrant even though I had brought the documents to prove my status."

"The DMV evaluator was really not very enthusiastic about her job. Rest of the staff was helpful and nice."

Redwood City "Having been to 3 DMV locations in this process - Redwood City was hands down the best experience"

"The guard let us know to line up at 10 minutes to opening on one side if we had an appointment and line up on the other side if not. Once inside it was similarly smooth; I had an appointment for Real ID at 9AM and I was done and out the door at 9:37. These guys rock."

Fremont "DMV employees are good, but the DMV system itself is disaster. I am surprised too low capacity to accept the driving test."

"I asked if I will be getting a real ID after my driving test and they were not able to provide the information. I was expecting to get a confirmation on that."

Daly City "Not friendly, don't do their maximum, they don't care and don't want help you"

"The DMV employees seem to take extremely long breaks. They are always busy and this substantially adds to the already long wait."