Car Registration Reminders via YoGov

Don't forget about renewing your car registration

Never pay a vehicle registration late fee again

Instead of stressing about remembering to renew your vehicle registration every year, then forgetting about the mail reminder you got, and finding out you owe $100 in late fees, get free renewal reminders for your vehicle registration. We'll even give you a one-click option to renew.

How it Works:

  1. Enter your vehicle information
  2. Enter your payment information*
  3. When it's time for you to renew, we'll send you proactive email reminders!
  4. Just click a button to securely pay via an authorized third-party provider**
  5. Boom, your registration is renewed for one more year!


Is This Right For Me?

  • Where do you provide this renewal service? We provide this in most states across the US. Our team of renewal concierges will be in touch if for some reason we cannot locate your renewal information, otherwise you're good to go - just enter your license plate and state!
  • Why should I use this service? For peace-of-mind and to save money. You won't have to think about how to renew, we've got your back. We'll send you reminders until we detect that you're renewed and we'll help you avoid late fees with your state.
  • What if I've renewed recently? We recommend that you still enroll. Our system will check to see when you're eligible to renew next year. As soon as you're eligible you'll get an email from us asking if you're ready to renew. Just click the button and that's it.
  • Do you tell me before you renew? Yes! You'll get an email with the renewal details and all you have to do is click the renew button. That's it! Then you'll get another email confirmation and the stickers in the mail.
  • Can I cancel? Of course! You can cancel our email reminders anytime.
  • How much does this cost? It's free for you! We charge a nominal fee to verify your credit card on booking, which is $0.50. When it's time to renew, we'll help you pay directly via an authorized third-party in seconds.

What People Are Saying

★★★★★"This is amazing! It's about time we had something like this. Took me 30 seconds to enter my info and it's one less headache for me. Highly recommend!" -Susan H, Oakland, CA

★★★★★"I found out about YoGov's registration renewal service and gave it a go. Within a day they sent me an approval email, followed by a receipt that they'd taken care of everything. Thank you!" -HungFai L, San Francisco, CA