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🔒 Applying for a residential parking permit can be frustrating. We make the process simple for you. Apply and pay in seconds.

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How it works

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Why People Love YoGov!

YoGov makes amazing! I've used them for DMV appointments and now to pay a street cleaning ticket. They follow up quickly every time! - Andrew C., San Francisco, CA

I hate getting parking tickets but there's street cleaning every week in my neighborhood 🙁 At least YoGov makes the payment easy and I get credit for other YoGov services. -Anna M. 

Receipt arrived in minutes! At least I don't have to worry about late fees on top of my ticket. Thanks YoGov! -Barbara O., San Leandro, CA

Using YoGov to pay may parking ticket was a no-brainer. Fast, easy, secure, email receipt, and one less thing I have to deal with now. -Derrick W., Oakland, CA