About Us

YoGov was started in 2016 by an entrepreneur who wants to change the way people interact with government services. The company’s mission is to simplify government services and to be the largest company in the world connecting people with government services. We’re doing this by becoming the gateway for services, both digital and in person. From city to state to federal services, we are building the platform for people to quickly find and access what they’re looking for.

We have started by transforming the DMV experience. To date we have helped over 40,000 people get access to DMV appointments and over 1,000 people directly take their road test. By focusing on people first, we’re changing how everyone interacts with government across the US and beyond.


Open Positions

We’re currently recruiting for the following positions. If you’re excited about what we’re building and want to have a major impact with a high-growth, send us an email with your Linkedin and/or CV and why you’re excited about what we’re building.


West Coast Operations Manager 

You’ll be in charge of our west coast operations as well as help grow our team. This is a dynamic, fast-paced role with a ton of room for growth. You’ll report to and work directly with the CEO. You should have the desire to move fast, solve problems, learn, and execute. The ideal candidate has high-aptitude, a strong belief in our mission, and experience in support, operations, growth, or start-ups. Specifically, you’ll be involved in our daily operations in the Bay Area and California while also helping us plan and expand to new markets. You’ll be helping us grow our services across California and beyond. We believe in helping our team members grow and want people invested in the mission, and compensation will include salary and equity. Shoot us an Email 

Full Stack Engineer

You’ll be in charge of taking us to our next major product launches with your hands on front and back ends, working closely with product and working directly with the CEO on a daily basis. You should have the desire to be a lead engineer for one of the fastest-growing startups in the Bay Area with major impact potential. Shoot us an Email

Data Scientist

You’ll be helping us unlock our mission to continue to simplify and improve’s people interactions with government services. You’ll have access to vast datasets and unique datasets to help us fulfill our mission. You’ll be working directly with the CEO and have a major impact on product and business development as well as our consumer-facing services. Shoot us an Email


Don’t see the exact role you’re looking for but passionate about our mission and our company? We still want to hear from you! Send us a note. 


Why YoGov?

We’re a mission-driven company and the first company to re-think government services starting with the consumer. We have amazing clients, partners, and investors and are just at the beginning of our journey. We’re based in the Bay Area and have some amazing people working with us. If you want to be part of a transformative company with amazing benefits and you know how to get things done, send us a note! We want to hear from you!