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Our mission has always been to increase government service accessibility for all

When we set out to start YoGov in 2016, it was with the mission to help everyone have better access to government services of all types. Three years later, we're proud to have helped nearly half a million people. Most importantly, we're proud to have continued to improve our "YoGov for Good" initiative to help people in the most need.

Here's a recap of our "YoGov for Good" initiative to date and how you can get involved in your local community.


We're increasing DMV accessibility for those that need it the most

The DMV has long been the great (and dreaded) equalizer in this country. From day 1 we set out to make it easier to navigate, with clear articles and information on DMV services in every state, help with booking DMV appointments, as well as creative services such as providing cars for people who need to take their road test or line waiters for people who can't wait all day.

The aim has always been to save people time and frustration. Rather than you spending half your day trying to figure out how to do something, let our team help you. Chances are we've seen what your going through hundreds of times already.

Most importantly, we've made free or subsidized many critical services.

For example, we continue to make free our DMV line waiting service for those with disabilities, low income, senior citizens, or women that are pregnant.


We're helping organizations that need government service accessibility

We've also made efforts to help organizations and non-profits that are working hard to support people from various socio-economic backgrounds and life conditions. For example, we've partnered with the Center for Employment Opportunities, which helps formerly incarcerated individuals get jobs and get back into society. One of the most important things for these folks is getting their driver's license, and getting it in a hurry. We've also partnered with CherishedLA, which helps women survivors of human trafficking, as well as Our Children's Homestead, which helps foster children in the state of Illinois.


Want to get involved?

At YoGov, we will continue to work hard to increase accessibility for everyone. If you believe in the same mission, we want to connect with you. Whether you're an individual or organization, we'd love to hear from you. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Get in touch with us here!