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YoGov’s mission is to make your experience with government services straightforward, easy and delightful. Click here to learn about all the services we offer. For media inquiries, email [email protected].

Most Popular Questions

How can I check the status of my Express Appointment?

You can check in on the status of your appointment anytime by visiting your YoGov Dashboard. If you can't log in, just reset your password! 

It's been 1 or 2 weeks and I still haven't been sent my Express appointment. What's going on?

DMV appointment cancellations and last-minute openings can be very unpredictable, but we have a 90% success rate at finding appointments within 3-4 weeks!

Note that it is currently taking our team an average of 14 days to find each customer an appointment within our promised timeframe. We've been seeing unprecedented demand for DMV appointments, with fewer last-minute openings and cancellations, so please be patient as we continue to look around the clock! We haven't forgotten you! 

How can I reschedule or cancel my Express Appointment?

You can reschedule or cancel your appointment anytime by visiting your YoGov Dashboard. If you can't log in, just reset your password!

1 free reschedule is included with your Express appointment (so long as your appointment time hasn't passed). Any cancellations will be refunded in full as YoGov credits added to your account. 

I can't get into my Dashboard!

Click the Reset Password link to get an email with a link to reset your password so you can log in

I want an Express appointment at specific times, days, or DMVs

Express Appointments are a great fit for busy people in a rush who have some flexibility in their schedules. Unfortunately, our Express Appointment system does not currently have the ability to accommodate specific scheduling or location preferences. Our system is designed to book the first appointment found within 3 week window (4 weeks for high demand areas) and within 25 miles of your zip code, and that is the reason we are able to offer our fast appointment guarantee.



What is YoGov?

YoGov is an independent company located in Oakland, California. You can think of us as your government services concierge. Soon you'll be able to skip government websites completely and quickly get what you need from us. Read more about us.  

How do the YoGov Express DMV appointments work?

If you don't want to wait 6-8 weeks on average, we can find you an appointment within 3 weeks (4 weeks in high demand areas), satisfaction guaranteed! You can find out more, including an FAQ about this, directly on our YoGov Express DMV page.

I need a driver and car for more road test. Can you help?

Yes! We have drivers and cars available to pick you up for your road test. You'll use their car plus they'll give you some pointers for the test and you'll get used to their car You can find out more, including an FAQ about this, directly on our YoGov Road Test Concierge page

But I've never heard of you guys. How do I know it's a guaranteed appointment?

We've been around for nearly 2 years and have booked over 100,000 DMV appointments! Feel free to take a look at our Facebook reviews. Although YoGov is new, we've got great people behind us. After we send you your appointment confirmation details you can check on the DMV website to verify you're all set for your appointment.

I'm curious. Can I read some reviews?

Indeed! Check out our Facebook reviews right here or Yelp reviews. If you want, follow us too. We publish blog posts, giveaways, and more on our Facebook page.

I'm panicking about my license renewal. Do you guys have more info I can read?

Yes definitely. We have lots of blog posts to help answer your questions like, do I need an office appointment, am I going to be penalized, what are my options. We will link to that page soon, stay tuned!

I'm at the DMV. I have questions. Can I get real-time support?

Yes! We've got a full-time team on Facebook Messenger to answer your questions. Follow our Facebook page then send us a message! We will do our best to answer within minutes.

OK, YoGov. What else besides DMV services?

We're helping with city services, state services, and federal services too. Check out our Services page for the latest and stay tuned for more coming soon! 

I have a suggestion for a service you should help with!

We are all ears! Feel free to message us by hitting the blue button in the bottom right corner! We can't wait to hear from you! 

I have an appointment tomorrow but still haven't received a confirmation email...

Send us a message at [email protected] That's the quickest way to get in touch with us!

I had a great experience with you guys and want to tell others

We're honored, thank you! We are mostly growing by word-of-mouth and on social media, so be sure to tell your friends your DMV story and then follow us on our social media websites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin


Still need help? Email us at [email protected]