Please watch the below videos and read the FAQs before your call!

We can't wait to learn more about you and answer your questions about being a Road Test Concierge.

Before your call with us, please watch the below videos and read the Frequently Asked Questions! It will help you understand what we're all about, what exactly the Road Test Concierge service is, and how it works. Our Concierges have helped thousands of people take their road tests in the past two years!

You may also visit our Concierge Applicant Help Center if you have any additional questions that aren't answered below.

What does a Road Test Concierge do?

If you didn't already watch this when submitting your application, now's the time to do so!

Before watching the video please read carefully: A concierge is not a driving instructor and YoGov is not a driving school. By state law, you are not allowed to give driving instruction. We ask every client when they book if they have driven over 40 hours behind the wheel and we tell them up front we are not a driving school. Our goal is to provide the car, licensed driver, and friendly concierge to help them stay calm and take the road test to the best of their ability.

Leo gives an overview of the Road Test Concierge service

Leo's one of our best long-time Concierges, so you'll be learning from a pro. He's done hundreds of road tests, and will show you how to provide a great client experience that leads to him getting repeat customers and higher tips!

For California applicants: Please disregard when Leo demonstrates the road test overview sheet, this is not longer relevant for the California road test concierge service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be expected of me for each road test?

There's a lot of information in the videos above, so we've summarized all the steps for each road test in the graphic below!

Are the clients experienced drivers?

Don't worry, our clients are all experienced drivers, many of whom have been licensed for years or even decades in their home country before moving to the US! We are not a driving school and do not accept clients who require instruction. If at any point you feel a client has been dishonest about their experience and cannot operate the vehicle safely, you can take them home and they will forfeit their fee so you can still get paid.

Who is the typical client?

The typical YoGov Road Test Concierge client is an immigrant who is in the US for multiple years on a visa for employment or graduate school, and is required to take their driving test again in the US to get their local license despite having had their international driving license for years or decades. We do also get American clients whose licenses have lapsed, or who have been driving with only a permit for a very long time.

What if something happens to my vehicle?

We maintain a simple, straightforward policy to protect both our Concierges and clients. Whenever you are at the wheel, you and your insurance are responsible. Whenever the client is at the wheel, the client is responsible. We've done thousands of road tests over the past two years, and in the rare few cases a client has caused a scraped rim or dent, our concierges have always been reimbursed in full. If anything happens to your vehicle due to the client, *please immediately contact us with photos* and do not speak to the client directly about payment — we will handle everything for you and coordinate with them directly.

How often do I get paid, and does it go straight to my bank account?

We pay once a week on Fridays for all the work done in the prior week. That is, whatever work you do between Monday and Friday, you'll get paid for the following Friday a week later. We're partnered with and they will ensure you will get a direct deposit straight to your bank account 🙂 Our accountants will onboard you to within 24-48 hours of being activated as a Concierge.

Do I get tips?

Yes! About 30% of clients leave an optional tip after the trip, which will be paid out the following week from when it was added. Increase your chances of getting high tips by reading our road test prep material and watching our videos!

I have more questions!

No problem! You can visit our Concierge Applicant Help Center to find a lot of additional information.