🚀 Welcome to YoGov

We're thrilled to welcome you as a concierge driver! Just complete the onboarding and you'll be on your way to taking your first trips!

You'll be joining a select group of concierge drivers that have helped tens of thousands of people across the US get their US license. Most importantly, you're partnering with a larger mission: We're transforming how people interact with government services, making it easy and simple.

As a concierge partner, expect high-fives, hugs, tears, you name it. You'll be with people at a major life moment. When they get the US driver license. It's a big deal!

Here's what left before your first trip:

  1. Watch the video and take the 9 question quiz
  2. Upload your documents
  3. Once approved, we'll send you the Driver App and get you on your first trip!

Getting started as a YoGov concierge driver with Ryder, CEO

YoGov Driver Onboarding Quiz

To help you remember all of the tips from above video, please complete this short quiz. 9 questions!