So you need a driver’s license in Washington?


What You’ll Need

  • Proof of identity, Social Security number, and residency in Washington
  • Payment for required fees
    • $25 Learner’s Permit fee
    • $35 driver’s license application fee
    • $54 for Class D driver’s license (valid for 6 years)


What You’ll Do

  • Step 1: Take online practice exams to prepare for the written test
  • Step 2: Begin your application for your Learner’s Permit online via the DOL’s online portal
  • Step 3: Visit your nearest DOL office to complete your Learner’s Permit application (optional: make an appointment!)
    • Submit the required documents & ID
    • Pass the vision test
    • Have your photo taken
    • Schedule an appointment to complete the written test
    • Submit payment
  • Step 4: Visit the appropriate DOL office on the day of your written test
    • Pass the written test
    • Receive your Learner’s Permit
  • Step 5: Practice driving to prepare for the road test
  • Step 6: Visit the DOL to take the road test (optional: make an appointment!)
    • Pass the road test
    • Submit payment
    • Receive a temporary driver’s license
  • Step 7: Receive your new Class D driver’s license via U.S. mail within 10 days


Caveats and Exceptions

  • Don’t need to practice driving before the road test?  Then you don’t need a Learner’s Permit.
  • Need a REAL ID?  Then visit our Washington REAL ID [embedded link] page to find out what is required.