✅ Updated November 2021

Ultimate guide to transferring your out-of-state driver's license to Oklahoma

Here's the ultimate guide to transferring your out-of-state license to Oklahoma. We've simplified the entire process for you so you can save time. This page is geared toward people who've moved to Oklahoma but have a driver license from another US state. If you have an international license, visit our Oklahoma driver's license page.


What You’ll Need to Transfer your Out-of-State Driver License to Oklahoma


What You’ll Do to Transfer your Out-of-State Driver License to Oklahoma

  • Step 1: You must appear before a Driver License Examiner in any of these Driver License Exam Site
  • Step 2: When you appear before a Driver License Examiner, you will:
    • Present all the required documents
    • Take a vision test provided that you have:
      • A valid unexpired driver license issued by any state or country for the same type or types of vehicles
      • An expired driver license that is not expired more than six (6) months past the expiration date listed on the driver license or;
      • Is not a Class A, B or C commercial driver license or commercial driver license permit
    • If you pass the vision test, a form will be issued by the examiner


Caveats and Exceptions to Transferring your Driver License to Oklahoma

  • Transferring from a U.S, Territory? Your license must be valid or unexpired otherwise you need to take the written and drive test again
    • You must present an English translation of your traffic record dated within 60 days to the Examiner for your tests to be waived
  • A person over the age of 16 who, at the time of application, is licensed by one of the (50) states, District of Columbia or Canadian province and is operating under a valid intermediate license, or equivalent, can apply to transfer the intermediate license to Oklahoma

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