✅ Updated January 2022

Ultimate Guide to Getting your Driver License in New York

Here's the ultimate guide to getting your driver license in New York. We've simplified the entire process for you so you can save time. Whether you've already applied for your driving permit or not, here's a step by step guide for you to get your New York driver license.


What You’ll Need to Get your New York Driver License

📌 Form MV-285 driver education certificate OR Form MV-278 adult education certificate

📌 Completed Application for Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card (Form MV-44)

📌 Proof of identity and birth date, in accordance with NYS point system for identification (NYS identification point system)

📌 Social Security card or letter of ineligibility from the Social Security Administration

📌 Learner’s Permit

📌Payment for applicable fees (determined based on age and location; view the fee schedule here)


What You’ll Do to Get your New York Driver License

Step 1: Complete a driver’s education course or adult education pre-licensing course

  • Obtain either a Form MV-285 driver education certificate OR a Form MV-278 adult education certificate

Step 2: Make an appointment at your nearest DMV office to apply for your Learner’s Permit

  • Provide required documents and identification
  • Pass the vision test
  • Pass the written test, if applicable (optional: take online practice tests to help you prepare)
    • You may waive the written test if you present a Form MV-285 driver education certificate
  • Pay the applicable fee
  • Receive your Learner’s Permit

Step 3: Schedule your road test and practice driving

  • You will need your Client ID number (located on the Learner’s Permit) and Form MV-278 or MV-285 certificate number

Step 4: Complete the road test

  • Arrive early at the DMV with a vehicle that is registered and inspected
  • Bring photo ID, your Learner’s Permit, and the MV-278 or MV-285 certificate, and $10 (optional: pay online)
  • Pass the test
  • Receive an interim driver’s license
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Step 5: Receive your new Class D driver’s license via U.S. mail


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