Need a car for driving test in New Jersey?

Looking for a car that meets all New Jersey requirements or a licensed driver for your test? Skip is the #1 road test concierge service in the US, having helped a quarter of a million people navigate the DMV including taking their road test.

Skip regularly books up, but limited last minute spots are available.

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YoGov Car for Driving Test Service

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It can be hard to find a friend or family member with a car who will come to your DMV road test, especially if you're new in town or don't feel comfortable asking someone. But if you're not allowed to use a rental car for your road test, and you must show up with a licensed driver, what else can you do? Until YoGov, your options were driving schools or getting rental car companies to write you an exception to their rule.

YoGov has made it easy for you to get help with government processes, including taking your DMV road test. We have friendly and fully vetted concierges, who pick you up and drop you off, give you warm up time and tips, and best of all, it's affordable.

YoGov Car for Driving Test

We've helped tens of thousands of people pass their road test - and many of them have come back to us for their other service needs, including visa, passport, and permitting help. One step at a time, let us help you first get your driver's license!

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