✅ Updated May 2022

Here's the ultimate guide to getting your Real ID at the Minnesota DMV. We've simplified the entire process for you so you can save time.

What You’ll Need To Get your Minnesota Real ID

  • One document proving identity, date of birth and legal presence in the United States.
    • If the name on the identity document is not the same as a person's current name, a name change document must be submitted.
  • One document proving social security number.
    •  If you have not updated your name change with the Social Security Administration, you must do so prior to applying for a Real ID.
  • Two different documents proving current residency in Minnesota. 
    • Must have the applicant's name as used at print and current address in Minnesota. A P.O. Box will not suffice as proof of current residency in Minnesota.
  • Proof of social security number

  • Proof of current residency in Minnesota (two documents)

What You’ll Do to Get your Minnesota Real ID

  • Step 2: Schedule an appointment to visit the DMV
    • Submit the required documents & ID
    • Submit payment 
  • The card you receive will be marked as not for federal purposes. 

Caveats and Exceptions to Getting your Minnesota Real ID

  • You may only have one REAL ID compliant card, regular card, or enhanced card. You cannot have more than one Minnesota Driver’s License or Identification Card.

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