✅ Updated October 2021

Ultimate guide to getting your driver's license in Louisiana

Here's the ultimate guide to getting your driver license at the Louisiana DMV. We've simplified the entire process for you so you can save time.


What You’ll Need to Get your Louisiana DMV Driver License

  • Complete an Application for License or Identification Card (Form DPSMV 2003).
  • Provide documentation of your identity including:
    • 1 primary document and 2 secondary documents.
    • Original or Certified copy of birth certificate issued by a state within the United States (primary)
    • Unexpired U.S. passport (primary)
    • An out-of-state driver's license.(secondary)
    • A social security card. (Secondary)
  • Proof of Residency. 
    • Utility bill for services installed at the applicant’s residential address.
    • Financial statement (i.e. bank/credit union account, investment account, credit card account or loan/credit financing).
    • Applicant’s unexpired Louisiana’s drivers license, permit or identification card that shows his current principal residence. 
    • Homeowners insurance policy or premium bill.
    • Mortgage, payment coupon, deed, escrow statement of property tax bill.
    • Voter registration card. 
    • Auto-insurance policy with applicant’s name and address.
    • Unexpired firearms license (Gun Permit).
    • I-797A issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
    • I-797C issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
    • Refugee Address Verification Affidavit (DS-20).
    • Current, valid, rental contract/agreement and/or rental payment receipts.
  • Have proof of legal presence in the country. 
  • Certificate of Driver Education Course for his age.
    • Under 18 years old - The 38 hour driver education course consists of 30 hours classroom instruction and 8 hours behind the wheel instruction. 
    • 18 years old and Over - The Pre-Licensing Course consists of 6 hours classrool instruction and 8 hours behind-the-wheel instruction. 
  • Certified Birth certificate.
  • Social Security Verification
  • Completed certificate of Required Attendance form obtained from the school office. 

Homeschooled Students additional requirement

  • Home Study Approval Notification Letter or the Registered Non Public School registration confirmation.
  • Parent or legal guardian
  • Fee of $32.25

Intermediate Driver’s License

To take the road test

  • A current safety inspection sticker
  • A valid registration sticker and certificate.
  • Proof of La Car insurance.
  • $40 for the road skills test (Third Party Tester) or $32.25

After passing the road test

  • Learner’s Permit
  • Birth Certificate
  • And all the Documents stated above for Learner’s Permit
  • Signed statement confirming that you have completed a total of 50 hours of supervised driving including 15 hours completed nights (Must be completed with your licensed parent, legal guardian, or other adult who is at least 21 years old. 
  • Fee of $13 to upgrade from Learner’s Permit


What You’ll Do to Get your Louisiana Driver License

Learner’s Permit

  • Step 1: Bring the documents provided above to a local Office of Motor Vehicles.
  • Step 2: Make your payment of $32.25 permit fee.
  • Step 3: Pass the vision test.
  • Step 4: Pass your written test.

Intermediate Driver License

  • Step 1: Visit a local Office of Motor Vehicles accompanied by parent or legal guardian and submit a signed statement confirming that you have completed a total of 50 hours of supervised driving including 15 hours completed at night.
  • Step 2: Pass the Road test.
  • Step 3: After passing the road test provide the documents stated above. 
  • Step 4: Pass the vision exam
  • Step 5: Make your payment


Caveats and Exceptions to Getting your Louisiana Driver License

  • To be eligible for a LA learner’s permit, you must:
    • Be at least 15 years old
    • Have completed an approved drivers education course.
  • With your LA learner’s permit you can only drive while supervised by a license driver who is 21 years old or a sibling at least 18 years old.
  • With your LA learner’s permit you also need to hold your permit for a minimum of 180 days.
  • Payments made by credit card and e-checks will incur additional fees. 
  • You can apply for an intermediate license when you are at least 16 years old. 
  • You may only drive unsupervised between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m.
  • The road skills test may be administered by OMV or a certified third party provider.
  • Please allow sufficient time to complete all testing prior to the office closure. The road skills tests are NOT administered during inclement weather.
  • Need a REAL ID?  Then visit our Louisiana REAL ID  page to find out what is required.


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