✅ Updated October 2021

Ultimate guide to Registering your Vehicle in Illinois

Here's the ultimate guide to registering your vehicle in Illinois. We've simplified the entire process for you so you can save time.


What You’ll Need to Register your Vehicle in Illinois

  • Completed Application for Vehicle Transaction (Form VSD 190) (available through the Electronic Registration and Title system or at SOS office; only valid for 7 days following online completion)
  • Proof of Illinois residency
  • Proof of ownership
    • Original title (signed by previous owner, if applicable) and registration OR
    • Copy of title and Certificate of Origin OR copy of loan agreement and a bill of sale (if vehicle owned by out-of-state lienholder)
  • Description of vehicle
    • Year, make, and model
    • Vehicle identification number
    • Date of purchase
    • Indication whether vehicle was purchased new or used
  • Lienholder information (if applicable)
  • Completed Odometer Disclosure Statement for Title Transfers (Form VSD 333) (signed by you and previous owner)
  • Completed Private Party Vehicle Tax Transaction form (Form RUT-50) (not available online)
  • Payment for applicable fees and taxes
    • $101 registration fee ($114 with vanity license plates)
    • $95 title fee
    • Sales tax (based on value of vehicle)
    • $25 license plate transfer fee (optional; if you want to transfer your existing license plates)


What You’ll Do to Register your Vehicle in Illinois

  • Step 1: Visit your nearest Illinois SOS office (optional: make an appointment!)
    • Submit the required documents & ID
    • Submit payment
    • Receive your Illinois license plates
    • Receive your temporary vehicle title and registration
  • Step 2: Receive your Illinois vehicle title and registration via U.S. mail


Caveats and Exceptions to Registering Vehicle in Illinois

  • Is your vehicle electric?  Then you qualify for a reduced registration fee.  Learn more.

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