Getting a Driver's License in the US

Now is the best time to get your US driver’s license

Whether you’re a teen driving for the first time or already have a driver’s license from another country, this post is for you: If you’re hoping to get your US driver’s license, here are some tips on how to make it smooth and painless. It’s our hope that after reading this you’ll be inspired to pull the trigger and go ahead and get your US driver’s license and hit the road.

Why get a US driver’s license?

If you’re driving for the first time, the answer to this question is a no-brainer: Give yourself the option of freedom on the open road. Whether you want to rent, borrow, or buy a car you’ll need a driver’s license.

And even if you have a license from another country, depending on which country you have it from, you’ll face limitations on using your foreign license. This is especially true if you’ve established residency in the US: You should ge a US driver’s license and learn the rules of the road specific to each state.

Why now?

DMV’s are getting more advanced and so are independent companies like us. This means that the license process is less confusing than it used to be. Here are the steps involved in a state like California:

  1. Make a DMV appointment
  2. Fill our a license application and take a permit test
  3. Make a road test appointment
  4. Pass the road test and get your license in the mail

For some, this process can drag for months. For example, let’s say you didn’t pass the written test and waited a month or two to retake it, and then couldn’t find someone with a car to help you practice so the process dragged and dragged… until finally you decided you need your license asap.

Now you can get the information and scheduling assistance to help you get your license faster: You can get faster appointments, appointment reminders, practice tests and forms ahead of time, as well as driving practice help.

Ready to get a license?

Take a look at the steps below to find out how to get started.


Looking to get into a DMV office to start your application and take your permit test? Schedule an office appointment here at your closest DMV. We’ll also send you a free practice permit test too.


Already have your permit? You can schedule a road test and find a driver and/or car to take you to your test right here.


If you have any questions, hit the blue button at the bottom right of this page and ask us! We’re here to help you!

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