Here are 4 tips to getting your California driver’s license as fast as possible

The process of getting a driver’s license can take months if you don’t navigate the DMV properly. Here are 4 tips to quickly getting your driver’s license in California and getting your freedom.

Tip #1: Get an appointment to get your permit

The first step to getting your license is visiting a local DMV office to fill out your driver’s license application and take the written test. You’ll also have to take your vision test and pay the driver’s license fee of $33. The written test has 46 questions and you are required to get 38 correct to pass. It’s a good idea to both study for this and take a practice test or two. If you’re under 17 1/2 you’ll also have to submit proof of a driver education course.

Make an office appointment

Take a permit practice test


Tip #2: Find the earliest possible road test

This may seem like a simple tip but it’s what ends up taking the most time for driver’s license applicants: At most California DMV’s you may wait a month on average for the first available road test slot. The solution: Check the DMV system for earlier openings or use our service to automatically check for you and find the earliest possible appointment. On average, we can find a local road test opening in a week (as opposed to a month).

Shop for the earliest possible road test slot


Tip #3: Practice for the test

If you’re a new driver then this is obvious but it should be emphasized: Practice, practice, practice. All too often we get brand-new drivers who think they can just “brush-up” an hour before their  road test and then pass the test. This almost always ends in a “fail” and having to reschedule and retake their test. Trust us: Take the time to find someone who know’s what’s on the DMV test and practice with them. This will go a long way in maximizing your chances of passing on the first test. Our drivers also can help too. They all know the DMV scoring criteria and most of the DMV test routes throughout California

Learn what’s on the test

Practice, practice, practice


Tip #4: Get used to the car you’ll be driving and the area you’ll be driving in

Don’t show up cold at the DMV with a new car and expect to comfortably pass the road test with the DMV examiner. Here’s why: Everyone is nervous when they take their test – whether they’re a new driver or have been driving for years. It’s important to warm-up with the car you’ll be driving, either on test day or before. It’s also a good idea to drive around the DMV area where you’ll be taking the test to familiarize yourself with the signage, signals, and traffic patterns, and if there are any potential “surprises” you should know about. This helps a ton!

Warm-up ahead of time with the car

Drive around the DMV area



If you follow the above tips the DMV driver’s license process can actually be fairly painless! Remember, for your road test, you 1) cannot use a rental car and 2) must have a California licensed driver with registration and insurance take you to your test and check-in with you. If you’re interested in having all of this taken care of for you (from permit appointment to dropping you back off after you pass your road test!) check out our concierge service. (It has limited availability and making a reservation is risk-free). Whatever you decide, don’t forget to make appointments ahead of time and learn what is on the road test!

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