✅ Updated January 2022

Ultimate guide to Registering your Vehicle in Connecticut

Here's the ultimate guide to registering your vehicle in Connecticut. We've simplified the entire process for you so you can save time.


What You’ll Need to Register your Vehicle in Connecticut


What You’ll Do to Register your Vehicle in Connecticut

  • Step 1: Prior to registration, take your vehicle to an Official Emissions Test Center to pass the emissions test OR have the VIN verified at a Verification Station if your vehicle is exempt from emission testing
  • Step 2: Visit your local DMV Hub Office or Limited Service Office
  • Step 3: Submit all the required documents
  • Step 4: Pay all the applicable fees
  • Step 5: The title will be mailed approximately 30 days from the date of registration


Caveats and Exceptions in Registering your Vehicle in Connecticut

  • If you are new to Connecticut, you have 60 days to transfer your vehicle registration to this state once you have established residency
  • You must not have any outstanding property tax payments or parking tickets, or have previously had your registration privilege suspended
  • A leased vehicle requires an original power of attorney from the leasing company.  If you have a lien or are leasing a vehicle, you must contact your lienholder or leasing company to notify them that Connecticut requires the original vehicle title to register a vehicle. Upon confirmation of receipt of your title documents, please allow 5 business days for the vehicle to be processed into the system before visiting a branch office


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