What are the steps to getting a driver license in California?

  1. Make an appointment to take a written test then study for your written tests
  2. After you pass the written test, you’ll have a provisional learner’s permit and you can schedule a on-the-road test.
  3. Practice driving with friends and family and show up for your road test. Once you pass, you’ll get your Class C driver’s license!


What are the cost’s associated with the written test?¬†

The cost of taking written exam and getting your license in California is $33 and that allows you to take the test up to three times over the course of a year. The fee also cover’s your provisional permit and driver’s license.


What do you need to bring to a DMV written test?

Be sure to bring your social security card and birth certificate if applying for the first time, as well as an application for a driver license. You can fill out the application in person as well.¬†Also bring cash, check, or a debit card, as California DMV’s do not accept credit cards.


How many questions are on the California DMV written test?

The California written exam has 46 questions. You’ll need to answer at least 36 of them correctly in order to pass the test.


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