Because of the Real ID rush, total DMV wait times in the Bay Area are currently averaging 6-8 hours per customer.

Need to get to the DMV ASAP, but don’t want to spend your entire day there, standing around in the sweltering heat unable to go to the bathroom or grab food?

You’re invited to try out our DMV Line Waiting Concierge service. We wait in line while you go on with your life. This service currently has limited availability throughout the Bay Area only.

By purchasing our Line Waiting Concierge service, you help subsidize free line waiting for low-income, disabled, and elderly populations as part of our commitment to greater accessibility for all.

Ready to Book?

We recommend booking as soon as possible. We regularly fill up as spots are very limited. All bookings are guaranteed, or your money back.

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are ONLY taking limited line concierge appointments by request only. If you have important DMV business and want a line waiting concierge, please let us know here, including your preferred DMV and date, and we will get back to you asap.

If you don't need to go the DMV urgently, you can request a free appointment here on Skip as part of our free trial. Even if your state is not issuing appointments yet, you'll be one of the first in line once they do. You'll also get access to our COVID-19 resources and help center.


We show up bright and early, you keep sleeping.

Our concierges will join the line long before opening time to ensure your total wait is only 3-5 hours instead of the 5-10 hours that later arrivals have to face. We'll text you when we arrive!

We text you 30 minutes before your turn to check in, around 8-9am.

We can give you more advance notice if necessary! And we can also keep you posted as much as you want. It usually takes about 2 hours of waiting for the Concierge to reach check-in.

We keep monitoring ticket numbers for you after check-in.

After check-in, your wait might be another 2-4 hours. We stay at the DMV and keep an eye on your ticket number, and give you another 30 minute warning before you're called.


You will need to appear at the check-in counter even if you have applied online in advance. The DMV is not consistent in their enforcement and giving them an online application number is not always enough to get checked in.

You may reschedule more than 24 hours from your booking with no penalty. Within 24 hours, you will forfeit your booking fee due to your Concierge having blocked off their entire day for you.


"YoGov has been a lifesaver -- helped me get my license less than two weeks after arriving to the US!...I literally have no clue how I would have managed to get my license so quickly if it wasn't for YoGov. Thank you Zavier and the YoGov team!"

Albert C.

Disclaimer: YoGovernment Inc (dba YoGov) is privately owned and is NOT owned or operated by any government agencies.