Garberville DMV Location & Information

The Garberville DMV is located in Redway, California. It’s open from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.

Garberville DMV Wait Times

📌 Based on our historical data, the average wait time here is 1.1hrs

📌 The average wait time with an appointment is 0.1hrs 👉 Book a free appointment

📌 The average time to get an appointment is 1.5 weeks 👉 Get an express appointment


🤓 Pro-tips: If you have a day or two to spare, it’s strongly recommended that you book an appointment. This is always faster than waiting in line.


😇 Disclaimer: As a independent third-party we have no control over DMV wait times. The wait times our based on data we’ve collected from users just like you and continues to improve over time. All things being equal, wait times in the mornings in the middle of the week are typically the shortest.


Garberville DMV Map and Directions


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