Looking for a map of every single California DMV location?

We've put together a map of every single California DMV location and DMV field office. See what DMV's are near you in California! Want to schedule a DMV appointment? Schedule here! 

Zoom in on the map for more detail or click below for maps by location:

Why are there so many offices?

The California DMV has near 180 field office locations throughout California and is the largest DMV system in the US. Why? Well, there are almost 40 million people who live in California and most all of them need driver's licenses or identity cards or registered vehicles.

In most cities in California you can end up waiting a long time if you show up at an office without an appointment. In fact, here's a video we recently did of the Oakland DMV line at 7:45am in the morning (before the office opens). There were already 50 people in line.


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