✅ Updated November 2021

Ultimate guide to renewing your driver's license in Arkansas

Here's the ultimate guide to renewing your driver's license in Arkansas. We've simplified the entire process for you so you can save time.


What You’ll Need to Renew your Arkansas Driver License

  • Your soon-to-be expired driver's license.
  • Payment for the $40 renewal fee, using cash or a check/money order made payable to the AR DFA.
  • Corrective lenses or contacts for the vision test, if necessary.
  • Proof of Identity
    • Current DL/ID. 
    • Photo work/school ID 
    • Concealed Handgun License
    • Pilot’s license. 
    • Vehicle Registration/Title. 
    • Sealed Court order (must have a seal). 
    • Medicare/Medicaid are accepted & AR Kids cards up to age 19
    • Parent Affidavit (Parent/guardian must appear in person, prove his/her identity regarding the minor child’s identity).
  • Proof of Legal Presence
    • U.S. Passport/U.S. Passport card. 
    • U.S. Birth Certificate/Birth Abroad (U.S. only) Originals or certified copy
    • U.S. Visa with valid foreign passport-appropriate 
    • INS document is also required- must be verified through S.A.V.E • Employment Authorization Card- must be verified through S.A.V.E. 
    • Immigration & Naturalization Service documents listed Must be verified through S.A.V.E.) 
      • Certificate of Naturalization (N-550, N-570 or N-578)
      • Certificate of Citizenship (N-560, N-561 or N-645) 
      • Resident Alien card/Permanent Resident Card (I-151, I-551, AR-3, AR-3A or AR-103)
  • Social Security Number
    • Social Security Card DL/ID) 
    • W-2 form 
    • Form 1099

What You’ll Do to Renew your Arkansas Driver License

  • Step 1: Bring your soon-to-be expired driver's license to your local DMV office.
  • Step 2: Submit All proofs of legal presence, identity, Social Security number, and 2 
  • Step 3: Pass the vision test
  • Step 4: Pay for the $40 renewal fee, using cash or a check/money order made payable to the AR DFA.

Caveats and Exceptions to Renewing your Arkansas Driver License

  • You will be issued your renewed license before you leave. Note: If you ever lose it, make sure you get your license replaced ASAP.
  • If you’re upgrading to an Enhanced Security DL/ID, you MIGHT be issued a temporary license and receive your permanent license in the mail.


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