The ultimate guide to passing your California DMV permit test

In order to get a California driver's license, the first step is passing your DMV permit exam at the DMV. The test can be tricky - even for those who know how to drive.

Prepare with YoGov’s comprehensive, step-by-step guide and breeze through this first step.


About YoGov's permit exam prep

We are the only service to offer a DMV practice test that includes over 50 real questions directly from the California DMV permit tests. The key to passing and becoming a knowledgable and safe driver is practicing with real questions!

We also provide a guide to the most up-to-date DMV manual and include personalized strategies for acing your test.


Be prepared

The permit exam catches most people off guard. Even if you already know how to drive, be ready for what the permit exam throws at you. Don't let this get in the way of your license, and study with comprehensive training prep.

Practice test with questions from real DMV tests

Access to the most recent California DMV Manual

Strategies for acing your test

Personalized permit exam training prep

Up-to-date training resources
Content and practice material that is up-to-date with the latest DMV test information

Progress based learning
Track your progress and assess how well you are prepared for the permit test

Personalized prep
YoGov wizards create personalized prep and practice tests that are tailored for you