YoGov Announces Free 24/7 DMV Help for Everyone in California

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Oakland-based start-up, YoGov, has a bold mission: to make government services easier and accessible to everyone. Today, the company took that mission further and announced it will now offer free DMV appointment services to all California residents. YoGov’s goal? To help millions of Californians get their Real ID before the October 2020 deadline.

The company, which was founded in 2016, took off in 2018 when California DMV lines were notoriously bad. Nearly 20% of the time, people trying to get their Real ID were turned away because they brought the wrong documents, according to YoGov data. In response, the company made it’s personal assistants available 24/7, so Californians can get questions answered ahead of time and show up to the DMV prepared. The service — previously $24.99—is now free.

“At YoGov, our mission has always been to increase government services accessibility for everyone. So when the California DMVs are closed, you’ll now be able to turn to us to get answers to your questions,” said Ryder Pearce, founder and CEO of YoGov, which is based in Oakland, California. 

“The California DMV has made remarkable improvements over the last year to decrease wait times and help people with the Real ID transition, but DMV employees have to go home at the end of the day. That’s when you can call or chat with YoGov. Think of YoGov as your after-hours DMV help center.”

Free California DMV Appointment Options

YoGov has always made it core to their mission to help people who need it most. In 2018, the company announced that it would make the DMV line concierge service free for seniors, pregnant women, people with disabilities, and veterans. To date, YoGov has helped hundreds in California through this service. 

The company has also partnered with several non-profit organizations, including Our Children’s Homested, a foster care organization; CherishedLA, for women survivors of human trafficking; and the Center for Employment Opportunities, a national organization that helps the formerly incarcerated get jobs. 

“People forget that a driver’s license is necessary for employment and basic opportunities,” Pearce says, “A lot of people are in really tough situations. If we can help them get at least a driver’s license, I think we’ve made a big impact on their lives.”

As part of the service to get a driver’s license, YoGov sends email and text appointment reminders that include tips for your DMV visit. For example, if you’re looking to get your Real ID, the company books an appointment at a DMV near you, then sends a Real ID checklist on what to bring. Though October may seem far away, DMVs throughout the state are already seeing a surge in traffic from those seeking the new government ID. 

Mr Pearce started YoGov in 2016 because of his own struggles with the Oakland Claremont DMV. “In 2016, I had to make 3 visits to the DMV in person and multiple phone calls to figure out how to transfer a vehicle title correctly. I felt so frustrated that I couldn’t get a quick answer. I thought there must be millions of people struggling with the same issue, not just in California but across the country.”

Mr Pearce decided to help solve this problem. He has a background in government, city planning, and technology and started YoGov by combining better online information with personalized government support services.

YoGov also provides more information on its blog on how to get a Real ID as well as other services. It’s currently working to expand it’s Spanish-language offerings.

For free DMV help 24/7, visit yogov.org/dmv-express-california. You can also visit the California DMV’s website directly for more information.

About YoGov

Oakland-based startup YoGov was founded in 2016 with a mission to be “your government services concierge”. YoGov’s goal is to improve access to government services, from the federal level down state, county, and city services. YoGov has helped over a quarter million people in over 40 US states.

Besides assisting people with DMV questions and appointments, YoGov also helps people get a car and driver for their road test, provides a door-to-door passport renewal service, and helps people enroll in TSA PreCheck, among others. For a full list of YoGov’s services, visit yogov.org/services

YoGov’s free 24/7 DMV assistance for California residents will run through October 2020, when the Real ID deadline comes into effect. 

**For more details on YoGov’s new free DMV appointments service for Californians, helping people save time at the DMV while helping the DMV, please email Ryder Pearce, CEO, at ryder@yogov.org**