March 2020 Referral: Refer Customers, Earn up to $1,000 extra*

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*Limit of 100 new valid customers per month. Email us if you think you'll exceed this limit.

πŸ“Œ Print a personalized poster for your state here.

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πŸ“Œ πŸ“ΉΒ  Earn $30 by making a 15 minute road test video!Β 

For a limited time:Β Grab a friend and have them film you from the backseat while you talk about the road test in your state, and what a client needs to know, and how the road test works. Submit the video to us by 7/1/2019 and earn $30 on your next payout. If you haven't done at least a few road test trips yet, we encourage you to wait until you've done a few so you know how the test is conducted.

Here are two example videos from Suzanne and Terece. Once you film them, send them to [email protected] or via Dropbox link. We'll edit them and send it back to you so you can also use it for your own YoGov promotion with your referral code.



πŸ“ˆΒ Want to check your conversions and balance?

Your referrals balance is managed here. Click the link and then click sign in. Sign in with your email your YoGov account is under and login with temporary password YoGovFamily.Β There you can also get media and images and other tips on how to grow your affiliate balance for YoGov!


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