With our new Skip brand ( means we have new referral updates. Now on your Skip Dashboard go to the referrals tab and you can see the latest referral information.

You can refer to our road test service, line concierge service, and more, and get credits and cash for each. Check your email for more updates on our referral programs.

Some concierges have earned an extra $500-$1,000 per month in just referrals


📌 Print a personalized poster for your state here.

📌 Print it and write in your referral code

📌 Tape several on campuses, apartment buildings, and public places

(We have personalized posted for 30 states, click here to get one fo your state.


🚗  Refer a Concierge!

You can make hundreds of dollars a month simply by referring other great Road Test Concierges to YoGov. Our best new Concierges are friends and family of existing Concierges!

For every Concierge you refer who completes 5 trips with us, you EACH get a $50 bonus! We are currently recruiting in every major US city, so no matter where they live, send them over.

Email us at with their full name or email after they apply. We'll make sure to prioritize them for an interview, and ensure you get credit for the referral!