Who are YoGov Concierges?

Our YoGov Concierges come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including young professionals, stay-at-home parents, retirees, students, and many others who want to help their neighbors while earning some extra money!

YoGov Concierges are local entrepreneurs and independent contractors who work for themselves and are not employed by YoGov. YoGov simply provides the platform for Clients and Concierges to meet.

Concierges go through an extensive vetting process before they can join our community.

Please bear in mind that although our Concierges bring a lot of personal experience and expertise, they are not licensed professionals. Per our Terms of Service, YoGov is a communications platform which enables the connection between Clients and Concierges and does not offer professional services that require a license. As such, any task that requires a professional license is generally not appropriate for our platform. If your task requires professional licensing, please reach out to a professional service provider in that field.

What do YoGov Concierges do?

YoGov concierges generally help people navigate government services, including the DMV. While governments are continually improving their services to help constituents, many people still have trouble find the correct information or simply need someone to help them through the process. That’s where YoGov Concierges come in.

The Road Test Catch-22

All states in the US require driver’s license applicants to take (and pass) a road test before getting their license. This presents a catch-22 for many people. People might move to a new city or state and not have any family or friends who can accompany them. You might know someone but they don’t have access to a car that meets the requirements or they can’t afford to take off time from work. In many cases, applicants have already had licenses in other countries and they just need to pass the test. That’s where YoGov Concierges come in. You can think of the Road Test Concierges as your personal assistant who’s willing to help you out when no one else can!

The DMV Line Catch-22

Everyone needs to visit the DMV, and this is typically once every 5 years for your license renewal, registration renewal, or some other mandated license or vehicle need. Unfortunately, this often means taking time off work or away from your family to wait in line. That’s where our DMV Line Concierges come in! Think of us as your personal assistant who will wait in line for while you spend more time with your family or at work.

Specific Questions About Our Service?

If you have questions about our YoGov Concierges feel free to call us at 650-480-3243 or email us at hello@yogov.org. YoGov Concierges are independent contractors, DO NOT providing driving instruction, ARE NOT driving schools, and ARE NOT affiliated with any government agencies.

Our YoGov Concierges also help people with passport renewals, booking DMV appointments, enrolling in TSA PreCheck, and much more! Check out our services page to learn more.