Introducing our Car Buying Concierge service. Whether you're looking to buy or lease a new or used car, we can help you out. Navigating car options that work for you is a confusing process in California. We help you discover the best options that work for you, get you comfortable with the cars, and help you find and negotiate the best possible price for your car.


"The YoGov Concierge Team helped me find the perfect car at the best price!" - Prakash D.


"...This service saved me dozens of hours. I was able to get the perfect used car..." - Julian L.


How We Help:

  1. We shortlist and pre-screen options. We send you a shortlist of 5-10 great options ahead of time, based on your preferences
  2. We take you to test drive. We pick you up and take you to pre-selected dealerships near you based on your preferences
  3. We answer questions and give you tips. We help you navigate the dealership process and documentation
  4. We help you shop smarter, buying not required! We are with you for the entire car buying process, on your side, and will help you learn your best options. Even if you're not ready to buy we're here to help you get started!



"This is the way to go when looking for a new car! YoGov car buying concierge made it so incredibly easy to buy a new car and it felt like I had a personal expert with me the whole time to answer questions. So worth it - no question!" --Kenneth L.

"I was looking for a used car. YoGov helped me with a shortlist and then took me to visit the cars and ultimately negotiate the best price. More importantly, they answered all my questions. I didn't have to spend hours researching myself." --Cynthia N.

"Thank you YoGov! Made a stressful process stress-free. Will be recommending you to all my friends in the market for a new car!" --Andy C.


YoGov Concierge - Road Test Tips

We Give You Tips

We help put together a short-list of options for you along with our expert advice and tips

YoGov Concierge - Pick Up

We Pick You Up

We take you to dealerships or sellers and help you from test drive to negotiating

YoGov Concierge - Driving Practice

We Get You the Best Price

We get you quotes ahead of time so you know what you can expect to pay for the car you want


January Pricing, 25% Off: Now through the end of January, get our car buying concierge service for 25% off as one of our valued users.

Basic Car Buying Concierge Package (was $249): Now $187!

-includes pickup and dropoff, shortlist of car options, dealership visits, approximately 2 hours with discount on any extra hours needed.



All bookings are guaranteed and fully refundable. We will contact you on next steps as soon as booking is complete.



All our DMV concierge appointments and practices are fully guaranteed or your money back

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