Become a YoGov Campus Growth Manager

Calling all future startup CEOs across the US!

Become a mini-entrepreneur on your campus for a prominent Silicon Valley startup. Gain valuable marketing and business experience while also making great money and helping your fellow students.

You could do someone else's dull busywork at some normal internship, or you could join us and learn to build your own business from the ground up with the help of seasoned entrepreneurs and even eventually hire a team to help you do so. This is not for the faint at heart, but if you're a self-starter who likes to solve hard problems and wants hands-on experience marketing real products, you'll find no other better opportunity to do so with built-in resources, support, and networking from Day 1.


(CEO and Founder, Ryder, is in the middle!)


What is the role?

If you are accepted as a Campus Growth Manager, you will lead marketing efforts for our Road Test Concierge service on your campus with guidance, mentorship, and support from the founding team of YoGov. You'll help us expand our presence on your campus and grow the number of YoGov customers at your university, and potentially even hire a team to help you.

What are the benefits?

- Eligibility for university credit, just like a standard internship

- Mentorship, guidance, and networking opportunities with company leadership including successful serial entrepreneurs

- Immediately build a profitable business on campus -- great for your wallet, and your resume

- Campus Growth Managers are eligible to be promoted to Campus Growth Team Leads, at which point they can hire a team to work under them

- Access to a valuable professional network of other Campus Growth Managers across the country via regular video calls and private online groups

- Opportunity for recommendation letters from company executives

- Potential future full-time employment opportunities at YoGov HQ

What does YoGov do?

We're the modern consumer app for government-related services, such as the DMV, and have helped over 200,000 people, especially university students, with their driver's license tests and other DMV-related needs.

Our most successful product is Road Test Concierge ( which is like Uber for your DMV driving test. Many students, especially those new to the US, want to get their driver's license but don't have a valid car to use for their road test, or a licensed driver over 21 to accompany them. By booking a Road Test Concierge, they can immediately order a car and driver for their road test along with pickup and dropoff from their home or campus and time to warm up in the vehicle.

How do I apply?

Email us at and tell us why you should be your university's Campus Growth Manager. Your resume is optional; we care more about how you think than what you've done before.



Who will I get access to work with, and network with?

You'll work with a group of talented serial startup entrepreneurs who will share their knowledge with you as well as provide mentorship and growth opportunities. You'll also have access to other students around the nation who have been chosen to be Campus Growth Managers and grow your professional network nationwide.

- Our founder, Ryder, is a Harvard graduate who is on his 3rd successful startup. His last startup, SherpaShare, is currently the most popular app in the US for Uber and Lyft drivers to manage their earnings and work.

- Our Head of Product and Operations, Tal, previously worked at Amazon and is also a former founder who helped create Flywheel, the first-ever taxi hailing app (a year before Uber was founded!) which was acquired in 2013.

- Our Lead Engineer, Gabriel, previously helped build an on-demand laundry startup called Cleanify

How much can you make?

It's all about what you put into it. We pay you $50 per customer, plain and simple, so 10 customers --> $500. One of our first ever Campus Growth Managers is Venkat M., who studies at Minerva. He started as a YoGov customer when he used us to get a car for his California road test, then referred 12 of his fellow international students that he already knew who also wanted their driver's license in just his first month without spending any time on any real "marketing." We paid him $50 for each customer he sent our way, so he made $600 out of the gate before he even printed out a single flyer. With a well-run marketing plan and creative promotions, you can expect to make between $500-$5000 per month on a mid-sized campus (10,000-20,000 students) depending on the time you're willing to commit.