YoGov Is Now Live in 30 States

Yes, you read that right. Whether you're looking for help with your road test or help with a passport or visa, our concierges are now available in 30 states to help you.

YoGov is Now in 30 States and Locations

This means we're able to help thousands more people have easier access to government services. To date, we've helped tens of thousands of people across these 30 states and we're not stopping there. Our goal is to serve all fifty. Our most popular service is our road test concierge service, where we offer a car, driver and test tips for people taking their road test. Do you need a car for your road test? Check! We've got you covered.


A Year Ago We Only We Only Served California

This time last year we were only live in 1 state. We're beyond thrilled to be able to help so many more people! As we've grown geographically, our mission has continued to strengthen and also evolve.

We've strengthened our concierge network. We believe we all deserve options when it comes government services. We believe that people shouldn't have to take unpaid leave from work just to renew their license or miss a day with family to go apply for permit. Our knowledgeable and reliable concierges are here to help make things a little easier. They'll help you directly and answer your questions.

We've strengthened our support network. A huge part of our mission is to increase access for everyone, including those who don't have the resources to pay. We've added additional free services for lower income, and less fortunate individuals and we actively work with other mission driven organizations, such as the Center for Employment Opportunities.

Lastly, we've evolved how we support policymakers and government agencies. It's always been core to us to support the agencies and their constituents, so we continue to proactively reach out, foster relationships and assist public agencies across all levels of government.


New To YoGov? Here's How YoGov Works

You can think of us as your personal government services assistant. Like Lyft for ride share and AirBnb for home share, think of us as your go-to for all of your government service needs.

We have a network of in-person and virtual concierges who have figured out how to help you easily navigate government services: Whether it's photos for a baby passport, a car for a road test, advice on getting your Real ID, line waiting assistance at the DMV, and reminders on when your documents are expiring, we are here and ready to help.

Check out our services page to learn more.

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YoGov Locations - Now in 30 States


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