What You Need To Know To Pass Your Road Test in Massachusetts

So it's time to take your road test in Massachusetts. Whether you’re a seasoned U.S. driver needing to re-take your test, are relocating to MA after driving in another country or you’re a new driver taking the test for the very first time, we've got you covered. Every state has slightly different requirements, so it's a good idea to know everything well ahead of time. It’s common to feel some pre-test jitters. Palms sweaty, heart-pounding kind of jitters. But, we’ve got some good news: it’s really nothing to worry about! As long as you’re prepared, you should do fine. Here at Skip we want to help make things a little easier for you, so we’ve pulled together exactly what you need to know and our best tips to set you up for success on road test day.


Passing Road Test in Massachusetts


Before your Massachusetts Road Test

  1. Make a Road Test appointment. Make sure you have a passenger (Class D) road test appointment scheduled with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV). There are no walk-ins in Massachusetts. You can avoid the long lines at the RMV by making an appointment with Skip.
  2. Review applicant requirements. Review the applicant requirements specific to Massachusetts before your road test so that you show up prepared. This includes the documents you’ll need to bring, your application, learner’s permit and getting a sponsor.
  3. Get a sponsor. Massachusetts is one of the few states that requires a sponsor. That means bring along a friend, family member or someone who can be in the car with you while you test (along with the RMV-certified tester). The sponsor must be at least 21, been driving for over a year and have a valid U.S. Driver’s License. If you dont have a sponsor yet, Skip has drivers who can accompany you on your road test.
  4. Review vehicle requirements. Make sure you car meets all of the necessary test requirements. One of the Massachusetts-specific requirements is that your vehicle must have a hand brake on the center console. If not, you wont be allowed to test. Your car must also have a valid registration and current inspection sticker. Here is the Massachusetts full list of requirements for your reference. If your car does not meet these state requirements, YoGov has cars and drivers for you to use for your test.
  5. Practice. Practice. Practice. Here is what you'll be tested on in MA: parallel parking (between cars and next to pylons), 3-point turns, backing up in a straight line (25 yards) and driving in traffic. For hills, you'll also need to know how to secure the vehicle facing uphill and downhill. Muscle memory is key -- the more you review these maneuvers, the more your body will remember what to do for test time.

*Note: Do you need to cancel or reschedule your road test for some reason? In Massachusetts, it's recommended that you provide at least 72 hours notice. If you must cancel with less than 72 hours notice, you'll be required to pay the road test fee for the cancelled/rescheduled appointment, as well as pay a road test fee for the newly scheduled appointment.

During Your Massachusetts Road Test 

  1. Take a few deep breaths. This will help you feel more calm, present and relaxed--the ideal state for testing. A calm state will help you make better judgement calls and help you remember everything you’ve practiced.
  2. Know your hand signals. Left, Right, Slow Down and Stop. The Massachusetts RMV examiner will ask these before you even get in the car, so make sure to review these. We’ve seen people not be able to test because they didn’t know these. Here’s a quick video of one of our Massachusetts YoGov concierges reviewing hand signals and everything that’s on the Massachusetts road test.
  3. Remember the E-brake. You'll be asked to use your center console e-brake during the test, so make sure to un-brake afterwords. We've seen a lot of people forget to do this and get an immediate fail.
  4. Go slow. The test is short, 10-15 minutes, so there’s no need to rush.  If you don' t see a speed limit posted, assume 25 MPH. Some people tend to go fast when nervous. Take a few deep breaths and slow down.
  5. Turn into the correct lane. Turning into the wrong lane is another top reason people fail the road test in Massachusetts. Know which lane you're in and be sure to stay in the same one.
  6. Look in the direction you’re driving. The examiner wants to see you use all your mirrors AND look in the direction you’re driving, whether that’s turning, backing up or going straight.
  7. Enjoy and trust that you’re prepared! You’ve practiced, you know what you’re doing. Relax and you’ll do fine.

And that’s it! If you pass, congratulations! If you fail, not to worry. Most people pass by their second test and now you know what you need to work on! In Massachusetts, you are allowed to re-take your test 2 weeks after your first with a new appointment, which gives you enough time to practice and review. Skip also offers a re-book discount on their road test car & driver service. Here’s to passing your MA road test!

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