If you’re planning to get your driver’s license, you’ll need to pass your driving test, or road test. The problem is each state conducts their driving test slightly differently. Our data team has made guides for every state so you don’t have to dig through the internet to find answers. Some of this information has never been published before, including data about specific road test locations, pass rates, and more.

What Are the Key Road Test Differences State-by-State?

Every state has their basic road test rules. Depending on the state you’re in, there are 5 key differences you should know about and understand before your test day.

  1. What is a passing road test score in your state?
  2. What maneuvers does the examiner test you on in your state?
  3. Is the road test on the open road, a closed course, or both?
  4. Does the car have any special requirements, like a center emergency brake?
  5. Does the accompanying driver have any special rules, like extra insurance?

What Are the Key Road Test Differences by Testing Location?

In addition to these state-based rules, there are also more qualitative road test differences. These differences can often be location specific too. We’ve identified 3 key differences by location. While you might not be able to control these, they are good to keep in the back of your mind.

  1. What is the overall pass rate by location?
  2. What are common drive test mistakes at certain locations?
  3. What is the check-in and post-test procedure at each location?

Here is access to ultimate driving test guides for every single state.

How Fast Can You Get Your Driver’s License?

Don’t rush the driver’s license process. The ability to be a safe driver will be a skill you have for the rest of your life. We recommend ensuring you have ample driving practice before taking your first road test.

That being said, if you are already an experienced driver, you can get your driver’s license in as little as two weeks in most states. Most states do not have minimum time restrictions, the time it takes is based on your ability to get a road test appointment.

For example, you’ll first need to get your driving permit in person at the DMV and then schedule a road test - and then pass the road test.

These state-by-state guides are a good start to help you understand what the process is like in your state and what you can expect.


Do You Have Any State-by-State Driving Test Videos?

Yes, we do! Take a look at our intro video right here! If you’re curious for more, including mock road test videos, head over to our YouTube page to get your fill of videos!