We're photographing the next generation of US drivers

Here's an inside look at an exciting development our team launched 9 months ago as part of our road test concierge service. Getting your driver's license is an big life moment so, naturally, we started taking photos of everyone who passed their road test! Here's the story.

Enter our road test concierge service

One thing we discovered 2 years ago was this: Getting your driver's license is a life-changing moment and you will remember that moment for the rest of your life.

We've been able to help so many people take their road test because of our network of road test concierges. We're thrilled to have the largest network of friendly, reviewed, and experienced road test concierge's in the US.

Imagine your friendliest Lyft or Uber driver you've had. Now imagine they picked you up to take you to your road test so you could get your US license. And then helped make the accomplishment memorable for you with a photograph. We'll that exactly what we're doing!

Remember important life moments with.... a photo!

With all that's going on on road test day, the road test and aftermath can often be a blur. Like a graduation or wedding day, having photos of the experience is key. So voila! Our concierge partners started taking photos of clients they've helped and then we'd send it to the client.

At first, we weren't sure how this was going to go over. Perhaps new driver's wouldn't want their photos taken for posterity? Perhaps they just wanted to go on with their day?

The positive response has far surpassed our expectations! Everyone LOVES getting their photo taken after passing their road test. We're honored to be a small part of this accomplishment and to help people remember this important life moment... with a photo.

Faces of New Drivers by YoGov

Here's what some of the new drivers are saying

We've now snapped hundreds of smiling photos of new drivers in over 30 states. These are people from all ages and all over the world, some who've been driving for decades and some who are relatively new drivers.

Yen's Review

"Don was a great concierge, super helpful with the test and a pleasure to be around. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He also gave me tips to keep in mind of which helped me to pass the test!"

Navin's Review

"Cornelius was an amazing concierge and also very good company during the entire duration. The process was so easy and smooth with him around that I did not feel the need to get tensed and that was a major factor in helping me clear the test with no prior practice. I would highly recommend him for the same to any of my friends looking to take the test in the near future."

Cee's Review

"Muneer was an absolute dream! He went above and beyond to help me get my license and I am so appreciative. I am now a licensed driver! Thank you so much Muneer! I truly appreciate that your service exists. Honestly, I did not expect such an incredible service. Muneer was amazing and I highly recommend him. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Cayla's Review

"She was helpful and kind. Kathy went over all the material on the test and made me feel extremely confident in my driving skills. Passed on my first try🙏🏾. Her car was clean and smelled good too. 😊 Great service, will definitely promote to family and friends."

Help us photograph the next generation of drivers!

Want to help us continue to grow and be the #1 road test concierge service in the US? Tell a friend about us or check out our car and driver service yourself - we promise to make your driver's license experience memorable!


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