What are the most popular reasons people go to the DMV

Last week we announced our 10,000th DMV appointment booking! This week our team wanted to answer the question: What are the most popular reasons people go to the DMV? We crunched the numbers and included a chart of our findings below.

25% of people go to the DMV to get an original license or ID


Whether you're a first time driver or new to California or the US, a high priority for you is getting your driver's license or ID. You can book an appointment to apply for your original license and take your permit test. Once you pass your permit test (you get three chances) you then need to schedule your behind-the-wheel test.

15% visit the DMV to take their permit test

Often people can do the original license and permit test on the same visit, but some prefer to wait so they can study more (the California permit test has 46 questions and you can only get a few wrong to pass). Some people who fail the first time, need to reschedule to come back and take the test again.

12% schedule a behind-the-wheel driving test

This is the one area of the DMV that you can never just show up for. You need to schedule in advance and have your permit number on hand. In California, most behind-the-wheel test appointments are a few weeks away, giving you time to practice. The downside however is, it is very difficult to expedite your road test.

Reasons People Visit the DMV


14% visit to renew their license

In California, many people are eligible to renew online, but depending on your renewal history, age, and other factors, you may need to renew in person. The most common panicked email we get? My license is expiring in a day or has expired, what can I do? Well, you can visit an office asap to sort things out.

13% visit to register their vehicle

This is another area, like renewals, that many people can do online in California. But sometimes you can't! The good news: If you visit in person, you'll receive a new registration sticker in person.

6% visit to transfer their vehicle title

Vehicle transfers can be more complicated and require a few hoops to jump through, including a notarized signature from the previous titleholder. However, if you get the proper signatures and forms filled, a big if, you should be able to get this taken care of on one visit.

What else?

According to our users, 15% visited the DMV for other reasons, which include changing address, changing names, getting license plates, and others.

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