As part of our in-depth look at who has driver licenses across the US, we've put together a map of the percent of licensed drivers across all fifty states. The results are quite interesting - from Vermont with 88% of its population having a driver license to New York with 59%. Where does your state fall in our Licensed Drivers By State analysis?

Licensed Drivers By State and Per Capita

If you want to see it broken down chronologically here's a chart for you too. A few of our surprises:

  • Vermont and New Hampshire, what's up there? Well, in Vermont you can get a provisional license at 15 for one and New Hampshire you can start learning driving at 15 1/2.
  • At the other end, Texas, only 60%? New York, at 59% makes sense (New York City has low car ownership) but Texas, you surprised us.
  • Massachusetts was higher than expected too. With a good proportion of the state's population in Boston and accessible to good transit alternatives, we expected Massachusetts to fall more in line with New York.

Licensed Drivers By State and Per Capita

Were you surprised by your state? If so, leave a comment. Thinking about getting a license (or renewing it?) Feel free to check out our free DMV appointment booking service too. Thanks for checking out our data!

-YoGov Data Wizards

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