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Watch these California DMV road test videos!

Here's how to maximize your chances of passing your California DMV road test on the first time. Our concierge drivers will go over all of this with you in person, but we highly recommend watching these to prepare and get comfortable.

California DMV Road Test Overview, 2020

In this video, Terece explains what you need to know on the test from beginning to end. She explains the pre-drive safety check, the hand signals, and the rest of the road test all the way to the end. This video has gone viral on YouTube with nearly 1 million views

Important DMV Road Test Tips, 2020

In this video, one of our other top drivers, Leo, takes you on the road and goes over important driving tips that you should definitely know about for the test. This video complements Terece's overview and provides additional guidance.


California DMV Road Test Scoring Overview

In this video, you'll hear more about how the test is graded, what you should look out for, and how to maximize your chances of passing the test. You'll get some more tips that aren't mentioned in the first videos with Terece and Leo.

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