Which California DMV should you absolutely avoid if you want to pass your road test?

Wondering what the chances of passing your road test are? There's been a lot of anecdotal talk about "easy" vs "hard" road test locations. Well, we looked at the data to find out exactly which ones are the easiest and which ones are the hardest. This analytics, done by the YoGov Data Team, looked at tens of thousands of completed road tests across California in the past 16 months.


Taking your road test in the Bay Area? Here are pass rates from San Francisco to San Jose to Oakland

The most important thing we noticed in our data analysis, especially in the Bay Area is this: There is no correlation between "non city DMVs" and higher pass rates. Most people come to us and ask us to book them somewhere that's not San Francisco. We'll it turns out that the SF DMV is not a bad place to take your test. One reason: They have pretty cool examiners. Seriously. Of course we all know that so much of the test is based on examiners, secondary to your actual driving ability. Turns out SF and Daly City both have pass rates above 70%. Meanwhile, across the Bay, Oakland Coliseum and Hayward have sub 50% pass rates. Avoid both of those, especially the Oakland Coliseum. It's a nightmare there. Also, try to avoid the San Mateo DMV if you can - it's examiners are a bit tough too.

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Bay Area Road Test Pass Rates by YoGov - Large-01


Taking your road test in Los Angeles? This is a bit tougher, statistically, than the Bay.

We were also surprised by this - until we remember our rule from above. It's less about the density of the area than about the examiners! Turns out Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Los Angeles all have sub 50% pass rates! Want to improve your chances? Book a road test at Culver City or head north, to Winnetka or Glendale for example.

Our biggest takeaway however. This is the big one: The highest indicator of road test success is 1) experience driving followed by 2) familiarity with the vehicle you're driving and then 3) familiarity with the neighborhood you're driving in. That's one of the reasons why our car and driver service gives you two of these: warm-up time to get used to the car and the neighborhood.

Los Angeles Road Test Pass Rates-02

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