Introducing our DMV Line Waiting Concierge service! 

We're thrilled to announce our latest service aimed at helping people access the DMV! If you can afford to wait in line all-day at the DMV, our DMV Line Waiting Concierge service can help.

The Lines Are Longer at the DMV

Since the Real ID became available this year in California, both wait times at the DMV and wait times to get an appointment have more than doubled. All-day waits have become the new normal. Getting an appointment is even more difficult. Since April, the average number of days to get an appointment has increased from 22 days to 48 days. We've launched our DMV Line Waiting Concierge service as another solution to help people save time while also helping the DMV service more people.

DMV Line Waiting Concierge is Part of Our Mission

“At YoGov, our mission is to help people spend less time dealing with government services so they can spend more time at work or with family or friends. Waiting in line at the DMV is not at the top of most people’s lists,” said Ryder Pearce, founder and CEO of YoGov, which is based in Oakland, California. “We’ve designed our services to also help government agencies themselves, including the DMV. People are less likely to have to visit a second or third time when we help them.”

People with DMV needs can book a YoGov Line Waiting Concierge for part or all of the day. Typically, our concierge's will arrive before the DMV's open and be first in line. So you can sleep in and stroll up. Our Concierges keep folks up-to-date via text message and will let you know when they need you to show up at the DMV.

DMV Line Waiting Concierge is Free for Seniors and Low-Income Residents

In addition, we've committed to making our DMV Line Concierge service free for seniors, low-income residents, pregnant women, and the disabled. By skipping the line as a paying customer of DMV Line Concierge, you’re also giving back to the community by helping subsidize our free service. Especially during the summer months, waiting for hours outside can be very difficult, uncomfortable, and stressful. Eligible customers can sign up for the free service on the YoGov Line Concierge page.


Our Line Waiting Concierge rolls out starting today across California on a limited basis. In addition, we still have other options to help you: Express DMV Appointments, where our team will look for appointment openings for you on your behalf and our Road Test Concierge service, where our driver partners will help you take your behind-the-wheel road test.

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