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Updates: California has issued a "stay-at-home" order. Most other states are strongly advising the public to stay at home. The two most important things to remember.

  1. If you are a non-essential worker, do your best to stay at home.
  2. If you do go outside for exercise, maintain social distancing.


Staying Safe from the Coronavirus

The U.S. Government published tips and advice to keeping your home, work and school safe from Coronavirus. Here are their tip sheets below. They cover the basics you need to know: Wash your hands, be careful with meetings and travel, handle food carefully, and stay home if you feel sick or are around a sick person.

Keeping the workplace safe from Coronavirus

Among other recommendations, their tip sheet says to stop shaking hands. Use other noncontact methods of greeting. Also, clean hands at the door and schedule regular handwashing reminders by email. Also, disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables, desks, and handrails regularly.


Keeping Work Safe from Coronavirus


Keeping the home safe from Coronavirus

If you do have sick family members, give them their own room if possible. All households should clean hands at the door and at regular intervals. Also, increase ventilation by opening windows.


Keeping the home safe from Coronavirus


Keeping the school safe from Coronavirus

As well as the taking similar precautions as above, consider rearranging large activities and gatherings. When possible, hold classes outdoors or in open, well-ventilated spaces. Also, limit food sharing and ensure cafeteria staff practice strict hygiene.


Keeping school safe from Coronavirus

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