It’s YoGov’s mission to delight people when it comes to government services, and besides great technology we have amazing people helping deliver that mission. When it comes to the DMV road test, we have some truly amazing people who will help you navigate the process and pass your test – Terece is one of them. We’re thrilled to honor Terece as the first YoGov Concierge Driver of the Month!

Recognizing amazing service!

Terece has done hundreds of YoGov concierge trips (this is our service where we help people pass their DMV road test including car access, tips, warm-up and friendly-faces). One of the things we love about Terece is she has constantly gone above and beyond to wow folks. It’s amazing! More often than not, the people we help are nervous or stressed about the experience they are about to have (the DMV!). Terece has a way of helping people calm down and feel ready to pass their test while also giving great tips and feedback, and she’s had a ton of great reviews on Yelp too.

Sharing a memorable moment

Recently we did a ride-along with Terece and in addition to driving tips, she also shared some stories with us for some of the folks she’s helped. Here’s one of them.


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