TSA PreCheck Tips for the Busy Travel Season Ahead

Too frequently, people remember TSA PreCheck as they are standing at the airport heading home for the holidays, waiting in line to take off their shoes and force their laptop out of their carry-on as others stride past them.

This December, expected to be the busiest travel season to date, marks the fifth year TSA PreCheck has been available for the general population to expedite the airport security process. And we all know what that means! Five blissful years of no longer showing strangers your socks as you mill through sluggish lines and hope you make it to your gate on time.

Check your TSA PreCheck Expiration Date

If you already have TSA PreCheck, that’s fantastic news! If you were an early adopter, be sure to check your expiration date. Those purchased when the program first launched will expire this December, five years after the program’s inception.

If you’re new to TSA PreCheck, welcome! After joining, life starts to feel a little bit different. You don’t dread airports as much, the process of flying is simplified and streamlined, and you get back the thing that’s most precious, your time.


TSA PreCheck Deadline and Holiday Travel Season

Beat the Lines and Enroll for TSA PreCheck

What could be better than signing up for a TSA PreCheck membership? Here at YoGov, we make tapping into government services easier than ever before. We’ve taken a program that can be daunting and time consuming and simplified the application process into answering a few quick questions. We’ll take care of the rest!

What you can expect with YoGov’s TSA PreCheck enrollment:

✅ Pre-enrollment in 1 minute

✅ Friendly customer support

✅ Pre-enrollment email confirmation

✅ Enrollment appointment reminders

✅ TSA PreCheck travel tips

Final Thoughts

Our mission is to make complicated and fractured government services easier and simpler for everyone. With TSA PreCheck and YoGov backing your travel, imagine how much more relaxing the holidays will be!

Click here to let YoGov get you an appointment nationwide at any TSA Enrollment Center.

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