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At YoGov, we believe government services should be easy and accessible to everyone. That’s why we decided to be “your government services concierge.” We started by solving the DMV experience. One of our core services has been helping people take their road test while giving them a friendly and helpful experience. It’s called our road test concierge service, and today we’re celebrating having helped 5,000 people take their road tests!

If you have a driver’s license, you most likely remember your experience of passing your road test and getting your driver’s license, even if it was decades ago. You probably remember who you were with, what your examiner was like, and what points you got marked off for, if any! Getting your driver’s license is a major life milestone and we’re beyond proud to have helped so many people. Here’s how it all started in the spring of 2017…


How We Stumbled Upon Our First Road Test Concierge

Back in early 2017, YoGov had already been around for several months, primarily helping book DMV appointments for folks, answering DMV related questions, and just being helpful!

So, how did it come about? Well, this one time we booked an office appointment for a UC Berkeley student but, it turned out, he actually needed a road test appointment. Unfortunately, we didn’t know this and apparently he had already booked a driver to take him to his road test. Our founder, Ryder, connected with him directly and offered to both rebook him and take him to the road test himself. Ryder picked up the student, who took his road test in Ryder’s car in Oakland. This led to a big insight: the student shared that not having a car affected so many students and professionals that move to California. It’s a catch-22: You can’t use a rental car for your test and you don’t know anyone who’s willing to take 3 hours off work to come lend you their car. And it turns out, this problem exists in every state!

The next day Ryder built the first version of the road test concierge service and started bringing on concierge partners in the Bay Area and across California.


A Special Thank You To Our Concierge Partners

Something else we learned? Helping people take their road test and (hopefully) pass and get their license is an incredibly rewarding experience! High-fives and hugs are the norm when you pass; understanding and empathy when you fail.

We’re lucky to now have hundreds of independent concierge partners across California and in several other states as well. Many are seasoned Uber and Lyft drivers who’ve wanted more meaningful and rewarding ways to help others. If you’re a YoGov concierge, thank you! And if you’re not – but you’d enjoy helping people get better access to government services – we’d love to have you!


Looking Ahead: Adding Even More Government Concierge Services

As we hit the 5,000 road test concierge trips mark, it’s worth reminding that we’re not just solving the DMV experience with appointments, road test concierge services and our latest newsworthy DMV line concierge service.

It’s our goal to be your go-to for everything related to government services. Anytime you need a government service or have a question about one, visit YoGov! In fact, we’re ready to help you with TSA PreCheck too. What’s next? Much more! You’ll just have to follow us and see 🙂 Thank you for all of your support and for helping spread the word about YoGov.

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