Student going from Los Angeles to San Francisco and looking for a ride? 

There are a bunch of large ridesharing Facebook groups in California that will help you get from Los Angeles to San Francisco and beyond. We wanted to better understand just what percent of people in these groups actually had cars as a proxy for ridesharing potential. To do this, we took a sample of around 120 new members who’ve joined one of the UC Ridesharing Facebook groups in the last month. Then we crunched the numbers. Here’s what we found, including a map at the end where everyone is located (by zip code).


The 4 Largest UC Rideshare Facebook Groups Have 45,000 Members

Across California there are several large UC rideshare groups to help you connect with other students for rides home, rides to campus, and rides elsewhere! These are the four largest that have a combined membership of 45,000. Plus there are a few others with a couple thousand or so members. Of course there’s a good amount of overlap, but in any case, if you’re a student looking for a ride or to share your ride, definitely join these groups:


  1. The UC Davis Rideshare Group has about 24,000 members
  2. The UC Berkeley Rideshare Group has about 14,000 members
  3. The UCLA Rideshare Group has around 9,000 members
  4. The UC San Diego & SD State Rideshare Group has about 6,000 members


Of those surveyed, 35% have cars


That’s higher than the 25% we expected. We expected that the vast majority of people in the groups would be potential riders looking for drivers. But this is good news: If we make assumptions that each car can accomodate 3 people besides the driver, there’s a scenario where all possible riders can get a ride home from someone with a car. Of course, this will never happen, but you get our point: There are drivers with cars out there! Let’s find even more and encourage them to join the group and post rides!


And 85% percent have a driver’s license


We also asked if people had a driver license or not, and 85% said they did. Also good news. If you need to split the driving, chances are good your passenger will be able to help out.


Here’s Where They Live

The third thing we asked was what zip code the person was currently living in. One of the things we’ve observed is that even within a specific group (ie UC Berkeley Rideshare), members of the group lived all over California.

By asking for zip code, we knew we’d be able to map everyone we surveyed and show exactly where the potential driver and riders were. As you’d expect, the majority of people line up between Los Angeles to San Francisco.



Now what?

This survey and mapping project is just the beginning! We at YoGov put this together because we help people book DMV appointments, including getting drivers licenses and registering vehicles. Demand for drivers licenses and DMV appointments spikes in the pre-summer months. And we know it’s the busy student season too, post-exams.

We want every student to join rideshare groups and start sharing the ride this spring and summer! You can help by sharing this post and following our page!


Add yourself to the map


Bonus: Need a DMV appointment in seconds? Request one here and you’ll get an email with your appointment. Read about how to crush your DMV permit test in California on our blog.

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