If you’re wondering if DMV lines are going to get shorter, stop wondering. They won’t. 2/3rds of people with driver’s licenses still need to get their Real ID before the federal deadline of this October, according to our January survey. 

Even though most states began issuing their Real ID driver’s license over a year ago, most people have decided to wait to make their DMV visit. Since last January we’ve encouraged everyone to visit the DMV early with the necessary documents to upgrade your driver’s license. Here’s important information to help make the process easy if you’re still waiting to make the switch.


What is the Real ID?

The Real ID is the federally-mandated driver’s license upgrade. Every state must comply with the federal upgrade. For us, that means that in order to fly domestically or visit federal facilities after October 2020, you will need the enhanced driver’s license. 

Basically, the enhanced driver’s license requires you to prove your citizenship, social security number, and state of residence when you visit the DMV. 


How do I skip the DMV line to get my Real ID?

Make an appointment. Most states have online appointment options, although in some cases you might need to wait months for an appointment. We can also help book appointments for you for free when you start our free Skip membership trial. Or you can hire someone to wait in line for you, if you’re really in a hurry. This basically means that instead of you starting to line up at 6am (or earlier), someone will start waiting for you, so at 8am (or DMV opening time), you swoop in and take their place as first person in line. 


What do I need to bring to the DMV to get my Real ID?

You need to bring the following documents: 

  • Proof of citizenship, such as a passport or birth certificate
  • Proof of full social security number, such as a tax document
  • 2 proofs of address, such as 2 pieces of mail with your name on it
  • A debit card and credit card

Don’t leave anything to chance and it’s better to bring too many documents with you then too few. 

📌 Important Pro-Tip: You can use your valid US passport as proof of identity. If you need to renew your passport, you can get 25% off our door-to-door passport renewal. You can get your passport back in 2-3 weeks and then we'll help you get a DMV appointment for your Real ID.


Real ID Transition February 2020

Do I have to visit the DMV in person to upgrade to my Real ID?

Yes, you need to visit in person. At your DMV visit they will verify your identity along with the support documents you bring in order to verify you for the Real ID.


Is 66% of the population a big problem?

Yes, this is an enormous problem. In California alone, the DMV issued only around 400,000 new Real ID’s in January, but around 17 million people in California still need to make the transition. That means that the DMV is going to have to at least 4x it’s Real ID processing over the next 8 months. Many other states face similar volume problems. 


What can I do to help with the Real ID transition?

Share this post! You can help spread knowledge and encourage people to visit the DMV as soon as possible. Share this post and tell people to stop waiting.

Secondly, you can make sure people know what to bring to the DMV. Our mission is to decrease the percentage of people who bring the wrong documents. Our survey last year found that over 15% of people who visited the DMV to get their Real ID didn’t bring the right documents so they had to come back. We want to help eliminate this repeat visit rate.

Our mantra:

  • Bring your passport, a tax form with your full social, 2 pieces of mail, a debit card, and your sense of adventure!

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